M-F 8:30AM-4:00PM
SAT & SUN 9:00AM-2:00PM

FAQ: All you need to know about Café con mel!

Q: Who is Mel?
A: Mel is short for Melanie and she Co-Owns the shop with Joy! Mel is the Puerto Rican influence and Joy is the Filipino influence of the shop. We are proud of our cultural differences and similarities but we love meshing them with American classics for our menu!

Q: Can I take my food and beverage into the library?

A: YES! The Guilderland Public Library is fully embracing the new era of library etiquette. As long as you clean up after yourself you are welcome to enjoy our goods anywhere in the library!

Q: Won’t the books be ruined by food and coffee?!

A: There’s just as much risk in taking the books home! In some cases there’s more risk in taking them home. Some folks read while they sip tea or coffee, some read while taking a hot soak in their tub! You just never know. Treat the books with the same respect and they will be just fine.

Q: How did you come up with the concept of owning a coffee shop inside of a library?

A: We were asked to do it! A personal friend who was new to the Library Board said that the library had been tossing around the idea for quite some time, but didn’t have an operator. She suggested we check it out. After long consideration we filled the application out and met with the Library Director Tim. He informed us of the entire process and we gave it a go. It took 1.5 years and a unanimous vote from the board and finally we are here!

Q: Are you part of the library staff or independent?
A: We are independent! However, we are proud to work side by side with the library to offer some amazing stuff for the community to enjoy. Keep an eye out on both of our social media outlets for updates on community cookouts and other offers/ events!

Q: Will you be closed when the library is closed?

A: Sometimes! Major holidays and library snow days we will close along with them. There are times where we will be closed when the library is open. We will announce these closures in advance on our social media and by notice on our doors. Other than that we are open EVERY DAY!

Q: Do you offer Gluten Free menu items?

A: YES! At Café con Mel we take allergies very seriously. Please alert your barista of any possible allergies and they will be happy to inform you on what’s safe to eat or make something off menu to the best of their ability. As for GF, all of our Waffles are GF and can be used as a substitution for breads for any of our breakfast sandwiches. No other batter touches the waffle iron so it is safe. We also offer GF bakery items. Everything is baked off site and separate. This keeps you safe from possible airborne contamination. And all of our rice bowls are made gluten free for you to enjoy the majority of our menu! Even our Chicken Adobo bowl has GF soy sauce!

Q: Do you accept book donations?

A: YES! We encourage you to bring in used books for us to resell for the library. All we ask is to please be sure the books are clean and have no mold or heavy dust on them.